Our Computing curriculum focuses on the three core areas of:
  • ICT (Using programs such as Office, internet browsers, Google tools etc)
  • Computer science (Understanding how computers work and being able to code)
  • Digital literacy (Being responsible and confident digital citizens)
We aim to give the children a broad and challenging Computing curriculum, which continually builds on skills they develop earlier in their school lives and also from what they encounter at home.  We recognise that computing is becoming more and more embedded into people's daily lives and so we must prepare our pupils to actively and successfully engage in this.
It is our intention that children at Falmouth Primary are confident in how to utilise the internet successfully to achieve whatever purpose they require it for.  However, we also want them to be capable of making decisions and analysing the suitability of different resources to ensure they stay safe.  The pace of technological change is now so swift that our children can actually be ambassadors to their peers, friends and family on how to stay safe online.
By engaging our children in a wide range of different computing tools we also aim for them to be capable of selecting the most appropriate for any learning activity they are set.  It is also important that they are able to understand the underlying mechanics of what happens when using digital resources, as well as how to manipulate these tools themselves such as by coding.  The modern workplace requires a greater knowledge of how to both use and control these tools, so we endeavour to give Falmouth Primary pupils a depth of experience to prepare them for this.
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